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51 Questions for Benefits Consultants to Transform Your Prospecting in the Next 30 Days


Looking for new ways to stir change and take the conversation in new directions with your prospects? Want to see the questions other benefits advisors are using to connect with new leads?  Download this free toolkit  today to stop guessing, and introduce more effective questions that drive conversations that truly matter.


In this Toolkit, You'll Receive

  • 30+ questions that uncover benefits planning processes and decision making at your prospect - including 4 questions focused on HRIS/Payroll, and 5 questions focused on communication and enrollment.
  • 10 questions for high-level executives that uncover their workforce strategy and talent objectives, and whether they see benefits as an important component to their overall company strategy.
  • 12 questions to assess your prospect "readiness" with the ACA and Health Care Reform, including understanding their current perspective on 1094