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Update: Self-Funding Enhancements

Posted by Eric Rentsch on Sep 18, 2017 10:33:10 AM

In benefits, product release

We are pleased to announce the following updates/enhancements to the Self-Insured Plans & Claims Analytics Content Package.

Fixed Cost Benchmarking 

Over the last year, working with our broker partners and clients, Code SixFour has built up a database of over 1,000+ employer groups representing plan design information across a variety of plan structures - from captives, to level funded plans, to fully un-bundled/ASO-only contracts. Our new reporting allows you to benchmark the following information:

  • Claims processing and network access fees
  • Aggregate and specific stop-loss reinsurance premiums
  • Stop-loss plan design characteristics - including deductible levels (i.e. pooling points), aggregate attachment points, and contract terms

All users currently subscribed to our self funded content package receive this material instantly as drag & drop reports available in Code SixFour. As self funded strategies are growing in popularity with smaller groups, this valuable data is critical to use in all your Q4 proposal activity, to further position your role as trusted advisor to clients.

Learn more about our Self-Insured & Claims Analytics Package.

Oh, and one more thing....

Predictive Health Risk Analysis

Code SixFour has had a long-standing relationship with the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, to power predictive modeling on employee health risks. This information can provide employers useful insight to the underlying health risks and cost exposures within their employee population. By analyzing employee demographics, you can provide more effective counsel to clients on establishing health management/wellness strategies, and selecting the right risk financing vehicle for their benefits plan.

This reporting is powered by research and statistical modeling from the University of Michigan. Over the last decade, their models have incorporate data from over 12 million individual health risk assessments. This powerful research is available to all users currently subscribed to our self funded content package, as a drag & drop report in Code SixFour. 

Learn more about our Self-Insured & Claims Analytics Package.