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Client Ready - Legislative Insights into the AHCA


On Monday, the GOP introduced the highly anticipated American Health Care Act (AHCA).  Instead of completely dismantling former President Barack Obama’s landmark legislation, the AHCA repealed former’s mandates and funding sources (i.e. taxes), and focuses on expanding health insurance options for those that felt that their choices were limited.j

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Client Ready - Legislative Insights


At Code SixFour, we closely tracked the recent campaign and election.  The fervor to repeal and replace the ACA has a direct and tangible impact on the health insurance brokerage firms with which we work.

Our team is headed to the NAHU Capitol Conference in Washington DC this weekend. Now is the time to be armed with information and insight to get the most out of this event. To help you prepare, we’ve provided a summary of the two major primary regulatory developments put forth by the GOP, key takeaways for your clients, and our predictions for the evolving regulatory landscape.

This also marks the first of our new periodical series: Client Ready - Legislative Insights.

As conditions in Washington evolve, we will keep an ear to the ground so that you can remain client ready, by paying heed to recent legislative insights relevant to your local market.

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