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The Next Chapter for Code SixFour

Posted by Bobby Schmidt on Oct 16, 2018 11:29:18 AM

In zywave

We are thrilled to let you in on some exciting news.  Yesterday, we announced the closure of an acquisition by Zywave of Code SixFour. With this, our team will now join their company, and Code SixFour products will become a part of the Zywave suite. Eric Rentsch, chief executive officer and founder of Code SixFour, will partner with Zywave leadership to further develop Zywave’s proposal automation product offerings.

“Joining Zywave is going to accelerate the progress we’ve made with our partners over the past several years,” Eric Rentsch said. “Zywave’s new strategic vision aligns perfectly with the value Code SixFour brings to market. I’m personally excited to work with Zywave to further scale and innovate—and most importantly, to bring greater resources to help our clients deliver their individual stories to the market, with the best available consultative proposal system and content.”

A massive aspect of our decision to join the Zywave team is the level of change currently taking place there. We are incredibly excited about a clear shift in their organizational culture, and manner in which they engage with brokers. Specifically, this means:

  • Building a more customer centric organization
  • An exciting new product direction
  • An open platform, with an emphasis on integrations
  • Accelerating new functionality

We encourage you to hear this directly from Jason Liu, the new CEO of Zywave, by watching this video.

Code SixFour will continue to innovate and grow the functionality of the Benefits Consulting Cloud.  There will also be new and special opportunities to expand our value, by leveraging and making available products and features from the Zywave portfolio. 

With that said, we would love to hear from you about how we can impact your agency in Q4 and beyond.  Whether it’s building proposals, quickly creating open enrollment guides, digging into industry benchmark data, or analyzing your clients claims data - we can help streamline your work.